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Brand  New

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Give your child a head start in physical development with our Preschool Gymnastics Class at GCK. Our structured program is designed to stimulate and accelerate both the mind and body of young children in a safe and nurturing environment. As they progress through our classes, they’ll be fully prepared to move on to our recreational and competitive programs.


What do they learn ?

Introduce your little ones to the world of movement and coordination with our brand new preschool gymnastics class at GCK. Designed for children ages 2 and 3, our structured classes focus on teaching them essential developmental motor skills and the basics of jumping, rolling, turning, climbing, swinging, and balancing. Join us at GCK and watch your little ones thrive!



Pay as you go and book by the week Or save money with a monthly pass !  


At just 2 or 3 years old although ready to explore, they need a vision, and that is ofcourse you. It is essential they get to know the gymnastics environment with someone they know and trust. You will learn through play and adventure together in our Coach led preschool class. Be ready to get involved parents - no shoes, no jewellery and long hair tied back please. Please dress in appropriate clothing that allows you to participate.Water is available to buy on site should you get thirsty and forget to bring a drink.

Mother and Daughter
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